Football cupcakes

Football cupcakePerfect for a Super Bowl party or after any big game, these football cupcakes won’t be “passed” over. (Sorry, bad punt, uh, pun.)
What You Need: 1 cupcake (baked and cooled); chocolate frosting; white icing and green icing (tinted and in pastry bag with piping tip #3 or use prepackaged colored icing tubes such as those by Wilton or Cake Mate).
How to Make It: Frost cupcake with chocolate icing. You’re actually going to create the look of a football by piping green icing in such a way that it leaves an oval shape in the brown part of the cupcake. (You can “draw” an oval with green or just eyeball it.) Use piping tip to make grass by: scribbling back and forth OR holding tip at 90-degree angle and pulling up OR you can use a pastry bag and metal tip #233 to make the most realistic grass. The pictured cupcake was made using a combination of the easy scribbling and pulling up techniques. Finally, pipe white line with four shorter lines crossing over it in center of cupcake for ball’s stitching.

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