Ghost cupcakes

Ghost cupcake

Ghost cupcake

I went crazy with a can of Betty Crocker Decorating Cupcake Icing to make these cupcakes, but you can use a pastry bag with a 1M swirl tip, or just pile on a dollop of white icing.

What You Need: 1 cupcake; Better Crocker Decorating Cupcake Icing (or Easy Flow icing or other substitute) in Cloud White; 2 black jellybeans.

How to Make It: Attach star tip and test the flow of icing before applying to cupcake. Then, starting from the outside edge of the cupcake, “draw” circles of icing, moving inward and up at an even pace until you have a ghostly mound of icing. Stick 2 black jellybeans into icing for eyes.

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