Tiger cupcakes with Cherrios ears

tiger cupcakeI saw Cherrios cereal used as animal ears and just had to try it myself. These tigers are super cute, and there’s no piping or other fancy stuff so they’re a “cakewalk” to make.
What You Need: 1 cupcake; icing tinted orange; 2 Cherrios; 1 mini marshmallow; 1 chocolate chip; 2 brown mini M&Ms; black gel icing; scissors.
How to Make It: Frost cupcake. Cut marshmallow in half and position both, sticky side down, to form tiger muzzle (cheeks). Add chocolate chip nose and mini M&M eyes. Stick 2 Cheerios in icing for ears. Use black writing icing or gel to make stripes as shown. (Mine started out as zig-zags but melted a bit.)

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