Wise owl cupcakes

Wise owl cupcake

Wise owl cupcake

Here’s another cute cupcake from EasyCupcakes.com reader Emily K., who previously shared her fishbowl cupcakes. These owls would be great for a school party, graduation or anytime. (With white frosting, it could be a snowy owl for Harry Potter.)

What You Need: 1cupcake; tan frosting (tint white with chocolate, or chocolate with white); large twist pretzel; 2 green Runts candies or M&Ms; almond slices; candy corn.

How to Make It: Frost cupcake. Break off part of pretzel as shown and place near top edge of cupcake. Place green candies inside pretzel “glasses” for eyes. Add candy corn nose. Arrange almond slices near bottom edge for feathers.

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