Lincoln penny cupcakes for President’s Day

Lincoln penny cupcake
If you’re as lucky as us, you’ll walk into a candy store one day and find a chocolate, foil-wrapped Lincoln penny. And, at, when life hands us chocolate Lincoln pennies, we make cupcakes.
What You Need: 1 cupcake (baked and cooled); white frosting; large red and blue star sprinkles; foil-wrapped chocolate Lincoln penny; pastry bag and 1M star tip.
How to Make It: Fit pastry bag with 1M star tip and fill bag halfway with white frosting. While squeezing out icing, move arm in a circular motion and cover the top of the cupcake with a swirl of icing. Then, starting a little bit in from the edge this time, make a second swirl on top of the first one. Place coin in swirl and add stars.

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