Conversation heart cupcakes

Conversation heart cupcake
Here’s a sweet for your sweet on Valentine’s Day. Make a batch of heart shaped cupcakes and decorate them in pastel colors like candy conversation hearts. You can using icing to write traditional messages such as “love” and “hugs,” or customize them with something off-the-wall.
What You Need: marbles or rolled up balls of aluminum foil; cupcake batter; cupcake paper liners; frosting in various pastel colors; red writing icing or red icing in pastry bag with #3 round tip.
How to Make It: Place paper liners in cupcake (muffin) tins. Stick a marble or marble-sized ball of aluminum foil on one side of liner. Fill one-half to two-thirds full with batter (smaller cupcakes will turn out flatter, and look more like conversations hearts). After baking, be sure to let cool. Frost cupcakes in various pastel colors. Pipe words on top of each cupcake.

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