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Chocolate pretzel reindeer cupcakes

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Pretzel reindeer cupcake

Pretzel reindeer cupcake

I just can’t stop making reindeer cupcakes! I’m out of control! This version of Rudolph, great for Christmas parties, uses chocolate covered pretzels for the antlers. If you have trouble with your antlers flopping over (poor reindeer!), you can stabilize them with toothpicks, but take them out before giving to children.

What You Need: 1 cupcake; milk chocolate frosting; chocolate-covered pretzels such as Flipz; 2 black or dark brown M&Ms; cherry sour ball.

How to Make It: Frost cupcake. Stick pretzels into cupcake (you may want to cut little slits for them). Add eyes and nose.

Reindeer Cupcakes With Animal Cracker Antlers

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Reindeer cupcake with animal cracker ears

Reindeer cupcake with animal cracker ears

This Christmas reindeer gets his antlers from Barnum’s animal crackers! I think I used seals — poor creatures. Make a whole team for reindeer for your next holiday event.

What You Need: 1 cupcake; chocolate frosting; red hot or M&M candy; 2 candy eyes or white candies; 2 animal crackers.

How to Make It: Frost cupcake. Add eyes and nose. Stick animal crackers into cupcake upside down for antlers.

Mentos snowman cupcakes

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Mentos snowman cupcake

Mentos snowman cupcake

The white Mentos mint candies are just the right shape and size to make a nice, fat snowman. Get out your food-safe pens and decorate your snowman! (you could use a Sharpie, but you’d need to make sure no one actually eats the candies — and that’s kind of a bummer).

What You Need: 1 cupcake; chocolate frosting; 3 mint (white) Mentos candies; orange candy-covered sunflower seed (or other triangular candy); black food-safe pen; strip of fruit roll (I used Rainbow Airheads Extremes); white star, flower or snowflake sprinkles.

How to Make It: Frost cupcake. Use food-safe pen to draw buttons, eyes, etc. on your snowman. Use dab of icing to attach orange sunflower seed nose. Cut or tear strip of fruit roll for scarf and wrap/place it between the first and second mint. Arrange snowman’s parts on your cupcake. Add “snow” sprinkles.

Candy cane swirl cupcakes

Monday, December 21st, 2009
Candy cane swirl cupcake

Candy cane swirl cupcake

Stick a candy cane into a swirl-topped cupcake and sprinkle with chocolate and it looks a lot like the whipped cream on top of holiday hot chocolate!

What You Need: 1 cupcake; white or off-white frosting; chocolate jimmies; mini candy cane; pastry bag and 1M swirl tip.

How to Make It: Make 1M swirl. Immediately sprinkle with chocolate jimmies. Add candy cane. That’s it!

Starlight mint Christmas cupcakes

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

Starlight mint cupcake

Starlight mint cupcake

All you need for these simple Christmas cupcakes is some mini M&Ms and a Starlight mint!

What You Need: 1 cupcake; white frosting; red and green mini M&Ms; Starlight mint (the peppermint ones that taste like candy canes, or the green ones).

How to Make It: Frost cupcake. Unwrap mint and place in center of cupcake. Add M&Ms around the edge, upside down, alternating red and green.

Heart-shaped Santa cupcakes

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Heart Santa cupcake

Heart Santa cupcake

A heart-shaped muffin cup or cupcake liner makes the perfect shape for Santa’s face!

What You Need: Aluminum (such as by Reynolds), silicon or other heart-shaped muffin tin or cupcake liner; white frosting; red sprinkles; 5 mini marshmallows; shaved coconut; 2 blue mini M&Ms; 1 black M&M; 1 round or tear-shaped red candy.

How to Make It: Turn heart shape upside down and frost curved part white for beard base. Sprinkle with coconut. Frost very top of heart point for hat. Sprinkle with red sugar or sprinkles. Add marshmallows to bottom of hat, plus one at the top. Add candy eyes, nose and mouth.

Minty snowman cupcakes

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Minty snowman cupcake

Minty snowman cupcake

A mint hat adds the finishing touch to this snowman cupcake.

What You Need: 1 cupcake; white frosting; 1 thin mint (such as by Necco); 1 Junior Mint; 2 black M&Ms; candy orange slice; 5 mini chocolate chips.

How to Make It: Frost cupcake. Use dab of icing to stick Junior Mint to center of thin mint for hat and place at top of cupcake. Add M&M eyes. Cut piece off candy orange and add for nose. Place 5 mini chocolate in a smile shape.